Aurora-12 12.1-inch big screen patient monitor with big font and drug calculation suit for ICU

Short Description:

◆5 Standard parameters: ECG, NIBP, SpO2, RESP, Temp

◆12.1-inch high resolution industry color TFT LCD display

◆Real time S-T segment analysis, pace-maker detection

Product Detail

Aurora-12 12.1-inch big screen patient monitor with big font and drug calculation suit for ICU


Aurora-12 12.1-inch big screen patient
Aurora-1295 (2)


Patient monitor


Product Detail:


Aurora-1295 (3)

◆Indication of incorrect manipulation and malfunction analysis

◆Patient info input management function

◆Multi-lead ECG waveforms display in phase

◆Large volume of tabular and graphic trends information storage and easy to recall

◆Capture dynamic waveforms

◆Up to 2.5 hours working capacity of built-in rechargeable lithium battery

◆Unique accessory management cabinet

Networking capacity

◆Option: EtCO2, 5AH Lithium battery, wireless communication module (WIFI, GPRS), touch screen, IBP, AG.


Aurora-1295 (4)

Technique Parameter


Standard configuration


Display Type 12″ color TFT LCD
Resolution 800×600 pixels
Waveforms Up to 7


Input 3/5 wire ECG cable
Lead section I II III aVR, aVL, aVF, V
Gain selection *0.25, *0.5, *1, *1.2
Sweep speed 6.25mm/s, 12.5mm/s, 25mm/s, 50mm/s
Heart rate range 15-30bpm
Calibration ±1mv
Accuracy ±1bpm or ±1% (select the bigger data)


Test method Oscillometer
Philosophy Adult, Pediatric and Neonate
Measurement type Systolic Diastolic Mean
Measurement parameter Automatic, Continuous measurement
Measurement method Manual mmHg or ±2%


Display Type Waveform, Data
Measurement range 0-100%
Accuracy ±3% (between 70%-100%)
Pulse rate range 20-300bpm
Accuracy ±1bpm or ±2% (select the bigger data)
Resolution 1bpm

2-Temperature (Rectal & Surface)

Number of channels 2 channels
Measurement range 0-50℃
Accuracy ±0.2℃
Display T1, T2, ☒T
Unit  ºC/ºF selection
Refresh cycle 1s-2s

Respiration (Impedance & Nasal Tube)

Measurement type 0-150rpm
Accuracy ±1bm or ±5%, select the bigger data
Resolution 1rpm

Optional configuration

EtCO2-Plug & Play

Measurement type Side stream
Measurement range 0-10.0%; 0-76mmHg
Accuracy <5.0%, ±0.28kPa; ±2mmHg
>5.0%, ±10%

2-IBP (optional)

Measurement range 10~300mmHg
Number of channels 1 or 2 channels
Accuracy ±1mmHg or ±2%, select bigger data
Pressure tag ART, CVT, RVP, LAP, RAP, PAP, ICP, LVP

12 leads ECG (optional)

Input 3/5/10 wires ECG cable
Lead section I, II, III aVR, aVL, aVF, V(V1-V6)
Heart rate range 15-380bpm
Calibration ±1mv

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