• Humidifier bottle

    Humidifier bottle

    ◆Purpose: Oxygen humidifiers are used to provide humidified oxygen to patients both in hospital or at home. The filter at the end of the inlet tube produces very small bubbles of gas, thus increasing the contact surface and providing maximum humidity picked up by the bubbles. At the same time, the tiny bubbles produce very low noise Unlike larger bubbles, helping patient rest. Bottle is supplied with the connector that enables it to be fitted to a fire tree outlet of an oxygen flow meter. Safety valve at 4 or 6 PSI. It is suitable to single patient use.

  • Air Filter

    Air Filter

    ◆Little air resistance, large dust containing capacity,

    ◆High filter precision, able to be processed into various shapes and suitable for different models using.

    ◆The outer shell is adopted by ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) material, environmental friendly, high strength, high flexibility, strong resistance to corrosive chemicals and physical impacts. Special sealant to ensure the sealing. Resistant high temperature of 100℃

    ◆The material of filter sponge is made of fiber glass, high filtration, and the filtration rate reaches to 99.9999%

  • Disposable nasal oxygen cannula 2 Meter

    Disposable nasal oxygen cannula 2 Meter

    ◆Purpose: Oxygen Nasal Cannula allows for supplemental oxygen delivery with increased patient comfort. Oxygen Nasal Cannula features soft and biocompatible nasal prongs and adjustable slide which allows the cannula to be fitted securely in place. Oxygen Nasal Cannula can be used with wall-supplied oxygen and then easily transferred to a portable oxygen tank or condenser. Over-the-ear design of oxygen nasal cannula maintains proper positioning of nasal tips while allowing for complete freedom of patient movement.

  • Nebulizer Kits

    Nebulizer Kits

    ◆Aerosol particles: 75% between 1~5μm

    ◆Producing reparable fine particles to enhance tracheobronchial and alveolar aerosol deposition

    ◆Providing continuous aerosol delivery

  • EtCO2


    ◆This highly advanced module of EtCO2 is designed to be easy to use and deliver consistently accurate vital signs information every single time it’s used. Whether you need to monitor the exhaled breath of a patient under general anesthesia, or you are interested in having an end tidal CO2 monitor on Hand to identify ventilation-related problems before they become more serious, we are able to assist.

  • 2IBP


    ◆ 2 channels of invasive blood pressure.

    ◆ Simultaneous measurement of Systolic, Diastolic and Mean pressure.

    ◆ The product is a high accuracy blood pressure measure equipment which is used with corresponding monitor. It can measure the blood pressure of the chosen vas (SYS / MAP / DIA). It is fit for the blood pressure monitor of adult, children and infant.

  • ECG cable

    ECG cable

    Packing Information

    ◆Selling Units: Single item

    ◆Single package size: 11.5×11.5×3.5 cm

    ◆Single gross weight: 0.160 kg

    ◆Package Type:10 PCS in a box,100 boxes in a carton

  • ECG electrode

    ECG electrode


    ◆Only use the ECG electrodes and cables supplied by the manufacturer when using the monitor for ECG monitoring.

    ◆When connecting the cables and electrodes, make sure no conductive part is in contact with the ground. Verify that all ECG electrodes, including neutral electrodes, are securely attached to the patient but not the conductive part or ground.

    ◆Periodically inspect the electrode application site to ensure skin quality. If the skin quality changes, replace the electrodes or change the application site.

    ◆Place the electrode carefully and ensure a good contact.

  • Adult SPO2 sensor

    Adult SPO2 sensor

    Adult/Children/Infant SPO2 sensor     SPO2 sensor Product details: ◆Suitable to adult, children and infant ◆This Spo2 sensor connects to the bedside monitor with an extension cable. ◆It works with patient monitors. ◆Water resistant and washable. A clean probe can be used for every measurement. ◆Completely redesigned from our previous model. Comfortable, sure fitting and light-weight reduces the effect of hand movement for highly reliable Spo2 measurement. ◆Bright LEDs for more acc...
  • Cuff


    ◆ Cuff can be sterilized by conventional high temperature in the hot air oven, gas or radiation sterilization method for disinfection or sterilization immersed in decontamination solution. But remember when using this method, we want to take away the rubber bags. cuff not dry, you can machine wash the cuff can be hand wash, hand wash can prolong life. before washing, remove the latex rubber bag. Cuff and other dry cleaned and re-enter the rubber bag. Reusable for multi patients

  • Wall Mount

    Wall Mount

    ◆Full aluminum alloy material, against rust.

    ◆Plug-in plate, 360-degree rotation in horizontal direction supported, up &down 15-degree angle adjustment allowed.

    ◆30cm wall channel, convenient to raise or lower the equipment.

    ◆With square accessories basket.

  • Trolley


    ◆The stand is made of high-quality aluminum alloy with max load of 25kg. It can be adjusted up and down, rotated left and right, and the pitch angle can be adjusted by 15 degrees. Meanwhile, the pitch angle can be adjusted easily. The replaceable slip plate design is applied for most of monitor with screw at the bottom.

    ◆Manual height adjustment for easy installation and disassembly

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