• Air compressing Nebulizer with water drop design

    Air compressing Nebulizer with water drop design

    ◆ Oil-free piston pump, high efficiency, no daily maintenance request, low using cost.

    ◆ Low noise, enjoy the peaceful treatment.

    ◆ Skin-friendly design of atomization mask, super fit, no stimulation, no odor.

    ◆ One-button operation design, operate easily, anti-skid pad design, super stable.

  • portable and durable nebulizer machine

    portable and durable nebulizer machine

    ◆Place the Compressor on a flat, stable surface within reach, with the handle facing toward you.

    ◆Open the storage compartment by lifting the lid. Remove the contents (Nebulizer, mouthpiece and air tube).

    ◆Gently twist and pull straight up on the lid of the Nebulizer to separate into two parts (medicine cup and cover)

  • Air-compressing nebulizer

    Air-compressing nebulizer

    ◆The level of nebulization reaches to medical grade.

    ◆Fine atomized particles, and the diameter is only 3.0μm.

    ◆High effective. Micro void spray piece, and the atomizing rate is more than 0.25ml/min

  • Mesh Nebulizer quotation

    Mesh Nebulizer quotation

    ◆Replaceable medication cup, detachable head for easy cleaning.

    ◆Uniform particles, penetrate to deep lung to achieve better treatment.

    ◆Compact, portable device, ideal for home use, easy to operate.

    ◆Quiet in hand, atomize with heart, offer a good option to your family.