Hemoglobin Analyzer

  • Hemoglobin Analyzer

    Hemoglobin Analyzer

    Smart TFT color screen

    True color screen, intelligent voice, humanized experience, data changes are always at hand

    ABS+PC material is hard, wear resistant and antibacterial

    White appearance is not affected by time and use, and highly in antibacterial properties

    Precision test result

    The precision of our hemoglobin analyzer CV≤1.5%, because adopted by quality control chip for the internal quality control.

  • Microcuvette for Hemoglobin Analyzer

    Microcuvette for Hemoglobin Analyzer

    Intended Use

    ◆The microcuvette is used with the H7 series hemoglobin analyzer to detect the amount of hemoglobin in human whole blood

    Test principle

    ◆The microcuvette has a fixed thickness space for accommodating the blood specimen, and the microcuvette has a modifying reagent inside for guiding the specimen to fill the microcuvette. The microcuvette filled with the specimen is placed in the optical device of the hemoglobin analyzer, and the specific wavelength of light is transmitted through the blood specimen, and the hemoglobin analyzer collects the optical signal and analyzes and calculates the hemoglobin content of the sample. The core principle is spectrophotometry.

  • Hemoglobin Analyzer NEW

    Hemoglobin Analyzer NEW

    ◆The analyzer is used for quantitative determination the total amount of hemoglobin in human whole blood by photoelectric colorimetry. You can quickly obtain reliable results through simple operation of the analyzer. The working principle is as follows: place the microcuvette with blood specimen on the holder, the microcuvette serves as pipette and reaction vessel. And then push the holder to the proper position of the analyzer, the optical detecting unit is activated, the light of a specific wavelength passes through the blood specimen, and the collected photoelectric signal is analyzed by the data processing unit, thereby obtaining the hemoglobin concentration of the specimen.